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Marine Unit

Marine Rescue Unit

The Marine Rescue Unit is deployable

on a 24/7 basis, onboard Rescue Boat Guardian. Specialist Officers are responsible for attending incidents at sea.

The Port of St Thomas, USVI has an extremely diverse range of users; as well as handling several thousand tonnes of cargo with hundreds of ship movements a year, it also has a vibrant leisure and tourism trade. In addition there are many thousands of visitors attracted to the area every year to enjoy the island onboard various cruise ships.



Cyril E. King Airport has aircrafts taking off and landing over water. This poses a risk to aircrafts which may fall into difficulty over on their final approach, or take off, and may not be able to reach the airport run way. The marine environment of the island is a dangerous one, as well as being heavily affected by the weather conditions it also has multiple secluded areas that are extremely difficult to access.


Due to the environment and extremely diverse use of our waters, there are a variety of dangers that pose a risk to the communities and businesses that surround it. As such a fast, professional response is required to any incident. St Thomas Rescue provides this response through the Marine Rescue Unit as such enhancing safety and minimizing the risks faced by visitors and our communities..


The Unit provides training, supports partner agencies and trains alongside various agencies. In addition crews interact with schools and the general public on water safety issues.


An ever increasing part of the role is the work carried out with land based crews in providing a response to persons reported missing, or in distress. In these cases, we often rely on drone and remote technology.       


The Marine Rescue Unit is adapting to unique situations with the use of jet skis, and other alternative resources. 

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