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Eritaj nou an

42 Ane nan sèvi kominote nou an

Many of our Officers provide co-responding support to the Virgin Islands Fire Emergency Medical Service.

Ranging from Emergency First Responder (EMR) through Technician, and Paramedic level, our officers attend emergency medical calls and provide basic life support until the arrival of the emergency ambulance.


Rescue officers attend incidents in Quick Response vehicles. A variety of call types are attended, based on the location, and nature of the incident.


The chances of survival following cardiac arrest are considerably improved if appropriate steps are taken to deal with the emergency, including:

  • early recognition of cardiac arrest;

  • early activation of appropriate emergency services;

  • early basic life support;

  • early defibrillation; and

  • early advanced life support.

Rescue Officers who, as a minimum, are trained and competent in basic life support and defibrillation, and have passed an appropriate course and obtained licensure where needed.

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