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STT Rescue hold training exercise

St Thomas Rescue organised a controlled rope rescue exercise at Donoe, on September 25th, 2022.

Officers trained alongside recruits in a public training exercise to reaffirm advanced levels of training and experience in high-angle rescues in the territory.

The exercise involved approximately 30 people, including officers and recruits.

The purpose of this operation is to test the training and planning of our crews to respond safely and effectively should an incident take place in a location that involves height, or depth above or below ground level.

Field Operations Chief Daphne Thomas said: “I’d like to remind the public that these trainings are controlled events, and not to be alarmed by the significant presence of emergency vehicles when the public is able to observe training exercises.

“Exercises such as this are important and hugely worthwhile for our crews to train to protect our communities alongside other emergency service colleagues in a unique and dynamic environment – and follows several months of planning.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the local authority, the community, and our partners for their continued support.”


Notes to Editor: Further similar trainings are scheduled to take place over the coming weeks.

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